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Home Inspection (Escrow, FEMA) Written Inspection Report
Topographic Survey/Plan Property Boundary Survey/Record Document ( PC’s, PL’s, Corner Records, ROS) ALTA Survey/Plan Elevation Survey/Certification/FEMA Average Slope Calculation Lot Area Calculation Setback Line Assessment Utility Services
Record of Survey Documents Tentative Map Legal Grant Deed/Plat Exhibit (Easement Description) Application Preparation File for Processing Final Recordation Package Final Recordation Map LAFCO Annexation Deed/Exhibits

Import and Process Data Building Layout Site Improvement, Grading, and Drainage Plan (SPGD) Driveway Improvement Plan and Profile Story Pole Layout/Staking Sanitary Sewer Service Plan (Sewer Lateral) Utility Plan Fire Prevention Plan Erosion Control Plan (ERO) Modification Contingencies CONSTRUCTION Construction Survey and Staking Construction Supervision/Inspection/Letter

A Land Survey is done for the purpose of accurately locating, describing, monumenting and recording the boundaries and corners of your land parcel, and/or mapping the topography, locations of improvements and planned improvements of your parcel

Surveys made before a real estate purchase, site design or construction will save time, money and worry later. Conflicting boundary and easement lines can be a result of legal descriptions recorded without the services of a professional Land Surveyor. When property or easement lines are created or changed, it is important to have accurate surveys and descriptions.

Whenever plans must show a property line, boundary, right-of-way, easement, or slopes and contours, California law requires the work be done by a registered land surveyor (or civil engineer registered before 1982). This is not always clearly stated in city building permit or design review checklists. Property lines drawn on plans by your architect or contractor are not suitable substitutes for an accurate survey.

  • When buying real estate or subdividing
  • When applying for building permits and design reviews
  • To settle boundary disputes & change boundaries
  • For refinancing
  • FEMA (flood) certificates

The cost of a survey depends on…

  • Type of survey needed
  • Characteristics of the property: location & accessibility
  • Legal requirements of filing the Record of Survey document
  • Name
  • Address & Site Address
  • Phone & Email
  • Architect’s AutoCAD version
  • APN (the Assessors Parcel Number)
  • Reason for the survey and/or a description of the work needed
  • Time constraints

JL Engineering specializes in the following land surveying and civil engineering work (please see our “Services” page for details)

Accurate, thorough and timely completion of projects